The coffee shop near Kiyomizu temple cherish daily life.

Dongree -coffee stand and craft market

Jul 27, 2017

Dongree -coffee stand and craft market

"Dongree" is a coffee shop located in Kiyomizu area. This cozy shop is loved by local people. This shop provides not only coffee drinks, they also selling selected hand-craft daily products. Products such as clothes, fashion accessories and kitchen tools are all hand made. The owner of this shop would like to share and want visitors to feel passions of craftsmen. Based on this vision, they cherish daily life and They think it is important to make our lifestyle thoughtful.

The coffee beans they use are stocked by 5 different roasters and all of them are based in Kyoto. They make hand dripped coffee one by one. It might take time but you will see their effort and seriousness for just a cup of coffee. You can even try all of these 5 types of beans with small tasting cups. All of those beans brands are so famous and popular in Kyoto. You can even feel entire coffee culture of Kyoto here.

The products in this shop may change depends on the craftsmen's work. At that moment there were foods, clothes, kitchen tools, baking products, wooden works, knitting products and leather products. You may check them on their website. All craft works are hand made and are carefully selected by owner. You would find your favorite tool and it will be your life tool.


[opening hour]
Weekday 8AM - 5PM
Weekend 9AM - 6PM
Close TUE, WED
(*It may also close when they have special occasion.)

[price range]
Coffee ¥400~
products ¥1,200~

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