One of the most enjoyable tea shop in Japan!

Goen Cha -Japanese green tea shop-

Jul 23, 2017

Goen Cha -Japanese green tea shop-

"Why not enjoy Ocha much further?"
Gyokuro as the best tea leaf to experience the delight of tea drinking.You can make and taste high quality Japanese green tea with little time and effort. The leaves are grown with much attention in a tea plantation with 180 years history in Ujidawara, Kyoto.

Their purpose of the shop is that to make people used to enjoy Japanese tea as their daily habit to experience this beautiful culture again. Based on that philosophy, they introduce tradition of Japanese green tea and provide its information that may also appeal people who don't not know about tea culture yet.

At the shop you can find so many variety of packages and all of them are designed by the owner. You can try their tea and find your favorite one and package. Giving away small gift to your family, friends or workmates after you are back from holiday is Japanese habit. You are traveling in Japan, why don't you follow the tradition after the trip? It would be perfect gifts even no one can read Japanese word on the packages because its design are so cute!

[Opening hour]
11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Tuesday - closed

[Price range]
Tea bag : from ¥324~
snacks : from ¥324~
Take out drink : from ¥450~

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