Souvenir shop & cafe, you can shop artistic hand towel in Gion until ten at night!

Eirakuya -shop of TENUGUI, artistic hand towels-

Dec 18, 2017

"Eirakuya" is one of the most famous Tenugui and Furoshiki brand in Kyoto which specializes in cloth products. The current owner is the 14th generation, They've been trading for more than 400 years. (Since 1615)

“Tenugui” are a type of traditional Japanese towel. The cloth is 35 cm wide and 90 cm long, and is used not only as hand towel, but also as wrapping material, scarf, bag, for decorative purposes or many more ways. Find your own unique way of using tenugui.

All their products are originals, and its patterns are so unique. Maiko, Samurai or Japanese animals patterns are great as souvenirs/gifts from Kyoto!

Their shops are located in convenient place. One of them is in Central Kyoto station.And the shop opens till 9~10 pm(Depends on the shop.) , so you don't miss to pick some souvenir/gift up for your family and friends.
Check their website for detail of each shop.

[opening hour]
10:30AM - 10:00PM
※Tea specialty shop (2nd floor) closed at 19 o'clock (even last order)

[price range]
Tenugui : from ¥1,728 (inc tax)
Furoshiki : from ¥3,996 (inc tax)


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