Vegitarians and Vegans friendly meals HERE at Veg Out.

Veg Out -vegan cafe-

Sep 5, 2017

"[Veg Out] is one of the few cafes or restaurants in Kyoto where vegans and vegetarians can enjoy a healthy meal in line with their lifestyle." from the Web Site

It is located at the Shichijyo Bridge which walked about 15 minutes from Kyoto station, and the view of Kamogawa is a wonderful location.
Because I like meat, I thought that I feel unsatisfactory for vegetarian dishes. However, I was satisfied with the plate that was colored with recipes made with colorful vegetables and recipes that were conscious of high-quality proteins such as soybeans.

There is a yoga studio on top of this building and it is also a hangout for health-oriented people.

And, gladly ... Here you can drink a rare Patagonian beer in Kyoto.

[Opening hour]
8:00 AM - 21:00 PM
Monday - closed

[Price range]
Food : lunch from ¥1200~, dinner from ¥1200~
Drink : from ¥500~
main dish : from ¥1,500~
*plus tax

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