Enjoy a delicious and fun night with cheerful Indonesian people!

Wayang Bali -Indonesian Restaurant-

Aug 21, 2017

Yes this is NOT Japanese restaurant, but If you have ever been to Bali and you liked it or if you are from Bali, you will like this place "Wayang Bali". They have high quality authentic Balinese dishes and the its owner and his staffs are super, super friendly.

The restaurant is nice and cozy, tidy space. They designed it like a cottage of island in Bali. It would make you feel warm and relax.
Both owner and chef were born and grown up in Bali. They go great lengths to provide real Balinese style, they takes their ingredients seriously. They imports real spices for their dishes from Bali whenever possible.

They have variety of seats such as table table seats, private room and the bar, so it can fit any occasions.They also have seasonal events and dance live show. Check what they have on that day before you come.

[Opening hour]
6:00 PM - 0:00 AM
Tuesday - closed

[Price range]
Food : from ¥500~
Drink : from ¥600~
Set menu : from ¥1,900~
*plus tax

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