Dress Up in Traditional & “WAFRICA” Kimono

KYOGOKAN - Rental kimono place -

Aug 17, 2017

This Kimono dress up shop is well known for their unique Kimono products. They have variety of kimono pattern and you can choose what you dress from them. Their kimono selection is not only traditional patterns, but also they have modern pattern if kimono and dope original kimono selection that is designed by famous Japanese artist "Kuniyoshi Kaneko".

The shop is only 2-3 mins walk from Karasuma/Shijo station. Super friendly staffs will welcome you at the shop. What you need to do is just choose your favorite kimono. They dress you up in a few minutes then all done! You can also get your make up and hair done here. After everything done, just enjoy your sightseeing with an authentic kimono experience for a day.
After you enjoy full day with kimono, come back to the shop before they close. If you are exhausted and don't plan to come back here, you can also return it to your hotel (it may cost extra).

They also have transformation plan. You can get dressed up and full make up, then take pictures at a cool studio in the shop or go outside.
Would you like to see yourself that you haven't seen yet?

[Opening hour]
10:00AM - 18:00PM
Close - Tuesday, 3rd Wednesday

Daytrip plan : ¥8,000~
Transformation plan : ¥30,000~
Other options : ¥500~
*plus tax

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