The information of cancelled / postpone events due to Corona Virus Updated: 2nd March 2020

Feb 27, 2020

Hello Kyoto fan, now we are facing disaster about Corona Virus(COVIS-19) all over the world. Fortunately there are a few infected people in Kyoto. However we must pay attention, washing hands and putting a surgical mask, and cough etiquette. We wish this nightmare will disappear as soon as possible.
Due to Corona virus(COVID-19), events which will hold within a month mostly postpone in Kyoto, Japan. We list the cancelled / postpone events below. Please check it. If you have any questions, please contact the organizers.
We will constantly update the latest information. Please check here before you go.
・B.LEAGUE(Basketball Games)
Postpone: 29th Feb / 1st,4th,7th,8th,11th Mar

・Meiji Yasuda Seimei J2 League (Soccer Games)
Postpone: 1st,8th, 14th Mar


・Jikishian Temple (直指庵)
Opning only Saturday and Sunday(close 22nd Mar)
Cancelled Japanese monk’s talk event.


・Kyoto National Museum(京都国立博物館)
Closed: for 2 weeks from 27th Feb


・Kyoto Aqua Museum
Closed: 29th Feb – 15th Mar


・Kyoto National Modern Art Museum(京都国立近代美術館)
Closed: 29th Feb to 16th Mar


・Kyoto Tower(京都タワー)
Closed: 1st – 15th Mar


・Sanjyusangendo Hall(三十三間堂)
Cancelled: Shyntoe(春桃会)3rd Mar
Opening the room free and sell the limited amulets

・The tale of Genji Museum(源氏物語ミュージアム)
Closed: 3rd to 31st Mar 
・Kyoto Higashiyama Hanatoro(京都・東山花灯路2020)
Cancelled: 6th – 15th Mar
・Kiyomizu Temple(清水寺)
Cancelled: Spring Night limited opening 6th – 15th Mar
・Kitano Tenmangu Temple(北野天満宮)
Cancelled: Ume Garden night visiting 6th – 22nd Mar
Day time is opening
・Sokokuji Temple(相国寺)
Cancelled: Zen events which throw every 2nd and 4th Sunday.
Cancelled: Spring special visiting from 24th Mar to 4th Jun
・Sagano romantic tram(嵯峨野トロッコ列車)
Cancelled: starting ceremony 2020 Sagano romantic tram on 1st Mar.
Tarm will run from 1st Mar. Cancelled just the ceremony.


・Kyoto two day walk(京都ツーデイワォーク2020)
Cancelled: 7th and 8th Mar


・Yodo Kawatsu Sakura festival(淀河津さくらまつり)
Cancelled: 7th and 8th Mar


・Kyoto train museum(京都鉄道博物館)
Cancelled: 27th Feb to 13th Mar parts of exhibitions and events


・Hozuagwa river boat ride(保津川下り)
Cancelled: 10th Mar the event of Hozugawa rive boat ride. Hozugawa river boat ride will start from 10th Mar. Cancelled just the event.


・Senryogatsuji Hina festival(千両ヶ辻 ひな祭り「桃の節句の彩り」)
Cancelled: 1st to 3rd Mar


・Gion Coner(ギオンコーナー)
Cancelled: 28th, 29th Feb / 1st, 6th-8th Mar


・Sake Festival in Fushimi(伏見の清酒新蔵出し日本酒まつり)
Cancelled: 20th Mar


・Nijo Castle(二条城)
Cancelled: Tea Ceremony 9th・11th Spr  



・Daikaku Temple(大覚寺)
Cancelled: Kado Festival 10th to 12th Spr

Updated: 2nd March 2020.