Time-traveling as if you were a Heain nobility at Daikakuji Temple in Kyoto.

Oct 5, 2019

Hello tempura.tv fan. I am Taishi writing this blog on tempura.tv.


The hottest summer is getting end and fall is coming. Daytime is still hot but it would be comfortable before sunrise, isn’t it?

I mean it is the best season to explore Kyoto!! We could not make any blogs and movie cause of temperature during summer, sorry. However from now we actively make new posts for finding an unknown Kyoto.



Today I introduce Daikakuji Temple(大覚寺) which is located around Arashiyama area. This is the former Saga Imperial(786-842) Palace which is officially for a villa.

Therefore we can see a spectacular viewing, some temples and the oldest pond. Even though corridor, it fascinates us to time-travel to Heian era around 9 century.



As well as western architectures, Japanese architectures are also focused on detail.

At Daikakuji Temple is, exactly emperor’s palace, decorated with beautiful ornament that everywhere even we don’t care about. We convinced god is in the details.


By the way, do you know the five colors curtain called “Goshiki-maku”? It comes from Buddhism.

Each color has an unique meaning:

Green shows color of Buddha’s hair(Peace),

Red shows his blood(Save),

Yellow shows his body(Confidence),

White shows his teeth(Pure)

and Purple shows his cloth(Resilience).

When it comes to understand the meaning of things that everytime/ where we see, we realize that everything has a significant. It is the best part of touching a different culture, isn’t it?



Finally this is the main event I visited here. This event is called “Kangetsu-no-Yube” that we celebrate Fall is coming. Between Sep 13th – 15th 2019, we can ride a ship on Osawa pond and celebrate a full moon.

It is like we were a Heian nobility as well as Saga emperor. This event is annual event holding during “Chyusyu-no-meigetu” full moon of Fall. I let you know next time is coming. If you want to get tickets for riding, it is better to go to around 2pm before sold out.


Kyoto has variety of things to see, eat, touch and play etc.

If you leave some messages what you want to know more about Kyoto on this site, I will introduce them that you wish.

Let’s enjoy and explore new Kyoto!!


Catch up soon. Bye



【Daikakuji Temple】

Address: Saga osawacho 4,Ukyo ward, Kyoto, Japan. 616-8411

Opening hour: 9am-5pm

Tel: 075-871-0071

Website: https://www.daikakuji.or.jp

How to access: Public bus No91 from Shijyo Karasuma / Public bus No28 from Kyoto station

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