Enjoy Rural Atmosphere at Ohara where we can reach the nearest from downtown, Kyoto.

Jun 8, 2019

Hello, tempura.tv fan, I am Taishi writing this blog on tempura.tv.

It is getting hot in Japan. Kyoto is especially hot because of being surrounded by mountains. Therefore how about escaping from downtown to rural side where we can go only 30 min by car?

It is the best season to feel and touch fresh green!


Today I want to introduce you Ohara(大原) area. In the past, this area was used the escaping path from fighting and disease. And the people who retire from the world lived there. Therefore there are a lot of simple but elegance temples and shrines.


Firstly everyone should go to Ruri Koin Temple(瑠璃光院). At the first glance it could be seen old. However it is truly Japanese architecture with Wabi-Sabi(侘び寂び).

If we know why Kyoto attracts with most people, we would understand Wabi-Sabi mind. Wabi-Sabi is philosophy of simplicity and appreciation of the ingenuous integrity of natural objects and processes. It could be similar to minimalism to image the modern world.

To reach the status of Wabi-Sabi, Shyakyo(写経), hand-copying sutra, is the better way. If we can do Shyakyo with such a graceful garden, it is awesome experience, isn’t it? We can do it!! There is prepared the place do Shyakyo!!



Let’s move on next, Sanzenin Temple(三千院). It takes 20 min by bus from Ruri Koin. Around Sanzenin Temple, there are a lots of shops to eat and buy. Especially Shibazuke, Japanese pickles, is very popular to eat directly, be melted by juice and have as meat of hamburger!!

On the way to Sanzenin Temple, we can see Japanese rural side like rice fields and cultivated lands. You may be confused with the differences to downtown.


Sanzenin Temple has many attractive things but if I say the best, it is definitely the garden. The Japanese garden is described as space. A pond is ocean, plants are land, some statues are architectures and livings.

You would feel as if you are integrated with the world. Look there is so cute the statue of Buddha. It is one of the fun things to look for them around garden. How about feeling their slow time with nature.


If you want to know more, please leave some comments on this blog:)Let’s enjoy and explore new Kyoto!! Catch up soon. Bye



【Ruri Koin Temple(瑠璃光院)】

55 Kamitakano Higashiyama, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, 606-0067

Spring limited opening: April 15 – June 30

Autumn limited opening: October 1 – the beginning of December

Opening hour: 10:00 – 17:00

Entrance fee: 2,000 yen

How to access: Public bus No.16 from Shijyo downtown head to Ohara(大原).


Official Webpage: http://rurikoin.komyoji.com/lp/en/

Referring to Google map.



【Sanzenin Temple(三千院)】

540 Raigoin-cho, Ohara, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, 601-1242

Opening hour: March 1st – December 7th 8:30 – 17:30

December 8th – February 28th 9:00 – 17:00

Entrance fee: 700 yen

How to access: Public bus No.16 from Shijyo downtown head to Ohara(大原)


Official Webpage: http://www.sanzenin.or.jp/en/

Referring to Google map.