“We Japanese graduated from religion because our daily life is fully integrated with religion.”

Jun 29, 2019

Hello, tempura.tv fan, I am Taishi writing this blog on tempura.tv.


Japanese daily life is integrated with religion. That is why there are lots of shrines around ours.

When you are walking around Japan, do you often encounter small shrines? And you also think why there are lots of shrines nearby yours.


Because Shinto(神道) which is Japanese original region has 8 million gods called Yaoyorozu no Kami(八百万の神). Can you believe it?

Basically in your mind, especially you are Christian, Muslim and so on. God is just one no exception, isn’t it?



However Shinto has and it is said everything is contained the spirits of gods. It might be similar to animism. That is why there are plenty of shrines more or less in Japan.

Above all Ujigami(氏神) is deeply rooted our daily life. Ujigami is god of the land of one’s birth.

Therefore people or their communities have themselves Ujigami in shrines. Ujigami has protected our life, safety and sickness and so on.


This fact is surprising to you that the power of Ujigami is up to their people’s beliefs. If nobody prays for the Ujigami, their existences has gone.

So if you find shrines even if it is small and nobody knows their name, please pile your hands and pray ”Thank you for protecting us all the time”

It is enough. The number of beliefs will be their power and return to be protected our life.

There is good expression that we Japanese is said to not have religion. “We graduated from religion because our daily life is fully integrated with religion.”



That is why Japanese is regarded as modesty and kind. Of course there are pros and cons. However it is believed as Japanese Virtue. You may feel strange when you talk with Japanese friends.


“Why do they hide their emotion and do not they say directly?” It is often heard that Japanese is weird for foreigners. But it might be fun to understand our gaps.

Especially Japan is island surrounded by sea. Therefore our diversity is not comprehensive and spread, further more we could make an unique culture.

Now the world has been globalization, we are opening our mind and absorbing other cultures.

So you also open mind and communicate with us!! It can be making a better world.


The mission of tempura tv is “Embrace all Diversity and Create Value in a Global Market hub.”

Let’s create such an ideal world!!


How about exploring them around Kyoto city? We can refresh such a gloomy rainy season!!

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