Enryakuji Temple with Snow

Feb 11, 2019

Hello Everyone, Kyoto Explore:)

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Have you seen such an amazing scenery collaborating with temple and snow?



You can see it at Enryakuji Temple(延暦寺), Hieizan Mt.(比叡山). It was founded in 788 during the Heian period. And Saicho(最澄) who was Japanese Buddhist monk established it.

This area is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. It is one of the most important temple in Japan. For most buddhist monks, here is the admire place for ascetic training. 


There are 3 parts, Todo, Saito and Yokawa. Today I visited Todo and Saido (Yokawa is a little far from there). Firstly let’s navigate Todo!!


-Konpon Chudo Mall(根本中堂)-


When we visit Enryakuji Temple, we must go to Konpontyudo Mall(根本中堂). It was founded in 788 and it is the main spot at Enryakuji Temple.

I am sorry that we cannot take pictures inside but there are great Buddha statues. There is also “不滅の法灯 Humetsu no Houto” is Fire that has been keeping on framing since 788.

Note: Konpontyudo Mall is under construction now. But we can get inside to see Buddha statues.



Todo also has Hokke Sojiin(法華総持院) and Amidado mall(阿弥陀堂). There are a lot of things we must see around there.


-Syakado Mall(釈迦堂)-


Next let’s move to Saito. Saito has Syakado mall(釈迦堂) which is the oldest temple among Enryakuji Temple.

During the way from Todo to Saito (It takes 20 min on foot), you can find variety of Japanese traditional things.



Of course they are just parts of Enrakuji Temple. It still has lots of things you probably like.

Don’t miss this winter season with snow.

I highly recommend that you go there early morning to avoid being crowded.


Kyoto has variety of things to see, eat, touch and play etc. If you leave some messages what you want to know more about Kyoto on this site, I will introduce them that you wish.

Let’s enjoy and explore new Kyoto!!


Catch up soon. Bye


-How to Access-

There are 3 way to go there by car, bus and train. Now I will show the way by train. (It approximately takes 1h half from Kyoto station)

From Hieizan-Sakamoto Station, you take a bus (5 min) or walk (15 min) to the lower station of the Sakamoto Cablecar.

It takes 11 min and costs 860 yen (one way ticket ) or 1620 yen (round trip tickets) Enryakuji Temple. Todo takes 5 more walking.

How to access from Hieizan-Sakamoto station to Enryakuji Temple referring to Google map.



4220 Sakamotohonmachi, Otsu, Shiga Prefecture 520-0116


Original Website: https://www.hieiza.or.jp


-Opening Hours-

8:30 to 16:30 (March to November)
9:00 to 16:00 (December)
9:00 to 16:30 (January and February) 
Saito and Yokawa areas open 30 minutes later and close 30 minutes earlier


Written by Taishi